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Gospel of Mark

The Gospel of Mark The Gospel of Mark isn't a collection of curated stories about Jesus, but rather a purposeful narrative that paints a picture of the person and work of Jesus: A Messiah who came to rescue, confront evil, and invite people to live under God's reign. A kind and compassionate Savior who advanced the Kingdom of God by casting out demons and healing the sick...

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JOB There was once a man named Job. In every sense, he was a good man that did good things all of his life. Job loved God, tried to obey God, and took care of the people around him. By every standard, he was a successful man. It was clear to everyone, in heaven and on earth, that God had immensely blessed Job. On a day that he would not soon forget, Job received the news ...

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Forgotten Father

When we think of God, what first comes to mind? Do we envision an angry judge, watching our every move, waiting to punish us the momentwe get out of line? Maybe we imagine a distant deity, detached from the cares of the world and devoid of emotion. Or we might see God as asympathetic friend, always deferring to us and supporting us, no matter what. There are a number of wa...

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2nd Timothy


Paul knew his time was drawing to an end. Shackled by chains in a Roman dungeon, he sensed death was close at hand. He had devoted nearly30 years of his life to ministry, but now all that was over. Soon he would be beheaded for the faith he once persecuted. But still, there was workto be done. The Church was continually under assault from within and without. Someone would ...

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