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As we begin to gather again, our Sunday services will be different for a season. We appreciate your patience as we navigate this next phase of our reopening. For more information on what to expect, check out our updates on Sunday Gatherings.

Join us in person on Sunday evenings at 10 West Event Center at 4:30 PM. This service will practice physical distancing and our facilities will be thoroughly sanitized before and after services.

Childcare is available at the 4:30 PM service. This service will provide additional safety protocols for those in need of a safer environment. For the 4:30 PM service, masks will be required (masks will be available on-site for those that need them).

We love you, and when we cannot meet face-to-face, it pains the whole church body. However, we are considering your physical safety as well as your spiritual health. If you are over the age of 65 or immunocompromised and still plan to attend, we encourage you to join us at our 4:30 PM gathering. This service will have additional safety protocols in place for you.

Online Family Worship

If you are not ready to attend services in person, we will continue to offer Family Worship on our website each week, along with a worship guide, our nursery and elementary activity guides, and small-group questions to work through with your household. Services will be posted at 11:30 AM each Sunday.

Those family worship services will be guided times of prayer, confession, and worship, with a sermon that focuses on faith, hope, and love in crazy times. Please share this resource with friends and neighbors who are looking for hope.

Whether you're a skeptic, irreligious, or Christian... you're welcome here. There are no questions off-limits as we process the claims of Jesus with you. No matter where you find yourself, you're invited to join us at 4:30 PM or for Family Worship in your own home.